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Big Bad Bunny

At home,

In the Mouse House,

Baby Boo-Boo gets no respect.

Just look at her name:

Baby Boo-Boo.

She's no baby!

The name drives her wild in a big, bad way.

And here's Mama Mouse calling, always calling after her,

"Baby! Where are you, Baby?"

It's humiliating.

Mice (and other small persons)

will understand what

Big Bad Boo-Boo does.

It's quite naughty.


“This book works on every level: narrative arc, patterning, graphic-design elements (cue delighted dramatic reader), pacing, illustrations that express the comic mood and natural movement of the story.”



“Readers who know Billingsley’s middle-grade fantasies will recognize her delight in language in her first picture book, which features plenty of repetition and onomatopoeia.” –Booklist


“This [book] is a perfect choice for children who have felt big and bad one minute, and in need of their mothers the next.” –School Library Journal


“Together, Karas and Billingsley walk the fine line between empathy and comedy. They grant Baby Boo-Boo and her alter ego the right to act out, at the same time assuring readers that there will always be a place for them at home.” –Publishers Weekly

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